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Hand embroidery is what we love!

House of Textile Arts team is full of enthusiasm for hand embroidery, customer’s satisfaction is our happiness factor.

We run a small family business – House of Textile Arts! With love and a lot of service for our clientele. BIZ founded the company in 1995, Thomas is not only the most important part of Bärbel’s (BIZ) life since 2013, but also the “second” half of our small team. He wraps, packages, ships as if he had never done anything else, although he had never before had anything to do with such colorful threads or the like.

His many years of experience in logistics has made him irreplaceable for our great system with hundreds of drawers. He has been working for a courier service himself and can therefore trace many routes very well and quickly put wrongly delivered items back on track.

Our hand embroidery courses are designed by BIZ, who also dyes all Painters Thread materials herself. The technique she has developed is more of a painting than a dyeing. Thus all products are absolutely unique and give every textile project that certain something.

All our courses are designed to match the variety of materials and colours from the collection and offer you the absolute colour pleasure.

House of Textile Arts
Home for hand dyed textile materials
and not at all old-fashioned hand embroidery

Have you caught fire and still want to try more and learn the craft from the bottom up? Then you are in good hands here! In a very individual program of courses (local and distance learning), we offer everything your inquisitive hands have always been looking for, from special kits to introductory courses, certificate courses, etc. Benefit from the competence and enthusiasm of one of the best embroidery teachers of our time.

If you don’t know our material variety yet or just want to see it again: visit our Online-Shop, which provides a lot of information about what and why the materials are used for. Short-term appointments to visit the workshop and the bulging Painters Threads drawers are -almost- always possible.

Bärbel and Thomas produce and ship together hand-dyed textile materials that have made friends around the world. We obtain our raw materials for the beautiful materials almost exclusively from family businesses around the globe. Globalisation also has beautiful sides!

Detail from a First Steps task - Execution Joke (NL)

We all shape the future ourselves

For us it is important to counter the hectic pace of everyday life, the many fears and worries of people. Bring our souls back to rest. Away from the “what can I use it for today” to “it is simply fun to work with my hands”. Working with textile materials means touching our roots and encountering our innermost selves. Some paint or make pottery – we stitch and make lace and weave and spin!

We stand for the preservation of the artisanship of needlework in all its splendour and diversity! There is -almost nothing – that doesn’t exist with us. We want everyone who comes to us to take something home with them: the knowledge of what they can create with needle and thread and textile materials. And that everyone who has the courage to trust us and their own creativity can master this wonderful artisanship with a little practice.


Service is very important to us, even if we are not always easy to reach by telephone. There is hardly a question from the field of needlework and everything else that belongs to textile design where we have to say, sorry we do not know.. Of course we also know quite a lot about our hand dyed textile materials…
If we do not know the answer ourselves, we will forward you to the appropriate experts. Your orders are processed as quickly as possible and queries are almost always answered immediately. And even if something gets “out of line”, we are always a patient contact.