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Textile craftsmanship with a special twist
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Painters Threads stands for quality and diversity. In exactly this order. Painters Glory bring color splendor and shine, Painters Pastels the calmness that one needs from time to time. Anyone who has ever worked with it doesn't want anything else! 

We love stitching! And we let this beautiful craft live on. So for us passing on our knowledge is the most important thing to do.
Our students come from all over the world. No matter if you want to learn from home or prefer to learn in a face-to-face workshop in our studio. Everyone is guaranteed to find just what she/he has been looking for. Profound expertise and creative ideas are our strength.

We present Needlework at trade shows and exhibitions, travel from time to time, participate in EU projects for lifelong learning and are enthusiastic about textile design. Interested people meet in regional groups and inspire each other.

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What we love about Needlework

It's more than just pushing a needle through the fabric!

it's passion,
be on fire, be creative,
play with techniques
shape with colors
create structures

we love the traditional artisanship
and make it look modern with that special touch.
Making the connection with the here and now
We have made this our credo!

Since 1995 we stand for being specialists in needlework
Here you can immerse yourself in a world of colors and techniques
indulge in silk, cotton, wool and much more
Getting to know, deepening and reinventing techniques

Of course - we stitch!
We do not have to ....
... but we can not let it be ...

Time is no longer important to us
we enjoy the slow emergence
of our very own small and large works of art
Only for us, only for you!
The variety of possibilities offers exactly
what is developing from your imagination

You have questions or suggestions?
Write us an email!
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On our own behalf - WE are looking for YOU

You love textile design and do not consider needlework to be an indispensable relic from great-grandmother's times. You can imagine becoming independent in this area. You know that in a small business everyone has to be able to do everything, including commercial knowledge, marketing, web design, computer skills and much more, and that doesn't scare you. You are not tied to a specific location and also a little bit keen to travel. Passion burns so strongly in you that the whole problem that self employment in this area means elicits an “I want and can do it”? Then click the button. Perhaps you will find right here what you have been looking for. 

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