Textile Artisanship
With that Special Touch!

Since 1995 we stand for the very special
in the field of Needlework.
With us you can dive into a world
of colors and techniques
In silk, cotton, wool
and revel through even more.
Get to know techniques,
deepen or reinvent these.

Painters Threads

School for Textile Arts

German Embroidery Guild
e. V.

What We Love About Needlework

It is more than just guide a needle through a fabric. 
It's passion, fire, being creative.
Playing with techniques, designing with colors, work structures with threads.
We love traditional artisanship and five it that special touch.
To preserve the past for today - this is our aim!

No matter if you are a beginner or already "addicted to the needle"

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Painters Threads stands for quality and diversity. In exactly this order.
Painters Glory bring colorfulness and shine, Painters Pastels the peace and quiet you need from time to time. Once you've worked with them, you won't want anything else!
Hand dyed threads, fabrics and a some more bits 'n pieces inspire needle enthusiasts all over the world. 

We love needlework! And we let this wonderful craft live on. So the passing on of our knowledge is the most important thing for us.
Our students come from all over the world. No matter if you want to learn from home or if you prefer to learn in a face-to-face workshop in our well-equipped workshop. We guarantee that there is something for everyone. Well-founded expertise and many ideas are our strength.

We present the artisanship of needlework at fairs and exhibitions. From time to time we travel. With much enthusiasm we also participate in projects from the EU Erasmus+ program. Always in connection with lifelong learning in adult education. Last but not least we live out our enthusiasm for textile design as often as possible.
In regional groups interested people meet and inspire each other.

What People Say About Us

I have discovered your treasures last year ...and immediately fell in love with your extraordinary colors. I have just finished a cross-stitch piece and I have loved every single stitch of it! I'm not an inspired textile artist but your products have opened doors that I had never expected to open.
Customer, FR
"The most natural color sequences, ever!" Judith Baker-Montano, US
artist, author
Thanks for all . We really love your colors! Laurence Durth
Une Aiguille Dans les LIvres, FR
Shop owner
I've been browsing through the files... and what I've seen already exceeds my expectations by far. I probably never imagined it to be so extensive, structured, precise and perfectionist. I take my hat off to your work (my greatest respect)...
Course participants, DE
"Your Collection is adorable, I love your colors!" Sue Spargo, US
artist, author
I just wanted to email you and tell you I absolutely fell in love with your fabric Inge Meta! ... it inspired me to create a simple silhouette cross stitch design. Thank you for the beautiful piece and the inspiration! Madame Ice, US
Madame Ice
Floss tuberine
I love working with all of the Painters Threads - the colours are exquisite and the texture is brilliant. Dale Rollerson, The Thread Studio, Perth (AU)