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Phone +49 8551 91 41 480

We are happy to help you, whether we know it ourselves or pass it on to other professionals - everything about textile design interests us and therefore we are happy to answer any question. Because every question also contains an important answer for us.
If you do not receive an answer from us within a few days after your email, please send us a new email. Unfortunately, many eMails disappear again and again in the email nirvana and can then of course not be answered by us.

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A personal matter - WE are looking for YOU

You love textile design and do not consider needlework to be a dispensable relic from great-grandmother's time. You can imagine to become an entrepeneur in this field. You know that in a small business everybody has to be able to do everything, including business knowledge, marketing, web design, computer skills and much more. You are not tied to a certain place and you like to travel. Your passion burns so strongly in you that the whole problem, which an entrepeneurship in this area brings with itself, elicits an "I want and I can do this" from you? Then click on the button. Maybe you will find here just what you have always been looking for.