• Cotton Threads

    Cotton Threads (354)

    Cotton ThreadsWell-known and less well-known cotton threads for many textile techniques. Mouliné, Pearl Threads, Flower Thread, Cotton á Broder, braided threads - create structures and great fields of color!
  • Even-weave Fabrics

    Even-weave Fabrics (160)

    Hand-painted fabrics. Especially popular with all textile workers. Cross-stitch, Drawn and Pulled Thread Work, Needlepoint - the possible uses are unlimited.
  • Embellishments

    Embellishments (26)

    EmbellishmentsA few different and very special beauties silk caps, silk cocoons, buttons and more!
  • Kits

    Kits (6)

    KitsKits of the extra class. Fancy designs and different techniques give you plenty of scope for your own creations.
  • Metallics

    Metallics (120)

    MetallicsFabulous effects that make every textile heart beat faster. Braided ribbons or strandable into many single threads - wonderful design possibilities in all textile techniques.
  • Naturale

    Naturale (4)

    NaturaleSome of our products you can also order in their raw state in cuts or yard goods. Blanks are mostly edge trimmed.
  • Needles

    Needles (30)

    NeedlesThe most important tool for those who want to decorate a textile base with a thread. The diversity of needles is quite large and requires a little knowledge when choosing. We will help you get started.
  • Other Threads

    Other Threads (40)

    Other yarnsWool and other threads are so flexible and can be used in -almost- any textile technique. Threads that make every textile heart beat faster.
  • Plain-weave Fabrics

    Plain-weave Fabrics (80)

    Hand painted plain-weave fabricsParticularly popular with all textile artists. Needle painting, Whitework, Metalwork, Patchwork - the uses are endless.
  • Rayon Threads

    Rayon Threads (120)

    Rayon ThreadsFor effects that make every textile heart beat faster. Shiny and matte, ribbon and round, strandable or solid thread - endless possibilities!
  • Ribbons

    Ribbons (140)

    Ribbons and TrimsThe special touch for all embroidery and patchwork. As decoration for clothing and accessories, for greeting cards, tassels and much more.
  • Silk Ribbon

    Silk Ribbon (160)

    Silk ribbonPure luxury! For beautiful, softly falling flowers, as an effective embroidery thread for all techniques, for braiding, weaving and creative design.
  • Silk Threads

    Silk Threads (360)

    Silk ThreadsSoie d'Alger®, Soie de Paris™, Soie Americain and much more silk threads - shiny names. Pearl Threads, strandable threads, filaments or effect material - great ways to put your projects in the shining light.
  • Specials

    Specials (2)

    SpecialsMissing colors, special offers, out-of-series products, remaining stock - just look in every now and then!