Silk Whisper Waterhouse


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Base thread: Product manufactured for House of Textile Arts
dyed by BIZ
Material :Wool 100% silk
recommended Needles when using one thread : chenille needle 13-14, Tapestry Needle 13-14. Wool darning needle 14
Packaging: Snap spool on paper pin
Length: 10m
Care instructions:
Colors Color cards: Download PDF

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Silk Whisper Waterhouse is spun from recycled silk chiffon. A great, unevenly spun effect thread that can be used for almost all textile techniques. Coral knots, chain stitch band, woven band, couching techniques – with the right needle it becomes child’s play.
Due to its short fibers, the thread can be ruffled at any point. It can be untwisted to cover wider areas. Also wonderful for needle felting or as an inlay thread for wet felting or silk paper production.