Painters Threads

Textile Craftsmanship With That Special Touch

Why Painters Threads?

Because we are so individual!

Lots of

silk, wool, cotton,
metallics and much more.

Big variety
of materials

pearl threads, strandable threads,
even-weave fabrics, silk waste, trims, etc.

useful information
and things to learn

information and classes
about hand embroidery

Colorful - Unique - Surprising

Painters Threads are the ideal choice for every textile creation. Silk, cotton, rayon and much more. Pure sensual pleasure! Needlework is passion, fire, being creative. Playing with techniques, designing with colours, creating structures with threads. Soothing for the soul! House of Textile Arts has been a source of inspiration for creative minds since 1995. With us you can immerse yourself in a world of colours and techniques. Indulge in silk, cotton, wool and much more. Get to know, deepen, reinvent techniques


Discover our diversity

  • Cotton Threads

    Cotton Threads (360)

    Cotton Threads Well-known and less well-known Cotton Threads for many textile techniques. Stranded Cotton, pearl threads, Flower Thread, Cotton á Broder, braided Cotton - create structures and great color areas!
  • Embellish

    Embellish (26)

    Embellish A few other and very special beauties Silk Jewels, silk cocoons, buttons and more!
  • Even-Weaves

    Even-Weaves (179)

    Handpainted Even-Weaves Especially popular with all textile workers. Cross-stitch, Drawn and Pulled Thread work, needlepoint - the possible uses are unlimited.
  • Kits

    Kits (6)

    Kits Top-class needlework kits. Unusual designs and different techniques give you plenty of scope for your own creations.
  • Metallics

    Metallics (120)

    Metallics Great effects that make every textile heart beat faster. Braided ribbons or strandable into many individual threads - wonderful design possibilities in all textile techniques.
  • Naturale

    Naturale (4)

    Naturale You can also order some of our products in their “raw state” in cuts or by the meter. Cuts are trimmed at the edges.
  • Needles

    Needles (28)

    Needles The most important tool for anyone who wants to decorate a textile surface with a thread. The diversity of needles is quite large and requires some knowledge when choosing. We'll help you get started.
  • Other Threads

    Other Threads (40)

    other threads Wool and other threads are so flexible and can be used in -almost- any textile technique.Threads that make every textile heart beat faster.
  • Plain-Weaves

    Plain-Weaves (97)

    Hand-painted plain-weaves Especially popular with all textile workers. Needlework, whitework, metalwork, patchwork - the uses are endless.
  • Rayon Threads

    Rayon Threads (120)

    Rayon Threads For effects that make every textile heart beat faster. Shiny and matt, in ribbon form and round, strandable or solid thread - endless possibilities!

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