Training internship (without payment)
as part of an internship

Are you interested in our company internship, but would you like to go one step further? You were so interested that you said I find House of Textile Arts so interesting that I want to get to know everything! Then we have the following offer for you.

At the International School for Textile Arts, part of the House of Textile Arts, we offer local and distance learning workshops and training courses on hand embroidery. Our students mainly work with the materials from the Painters Threads. An important sales promotion element for House of Textile Arts.

We offer you free one-year private training in the most important techniques of hand embroidery (3 days a week). In return, we expect to help run House of Textile Arts 2 days a week. This includes the insight into the self-employment that we offer in our internship. 

We will provide you with the materials needed for the training. The work created will remain your property, but will be used by us for our publications and must be made available for presentation at events. 

This year will require a very intensive commitment from you, because you will also have to do some stitching for the training in your free time. 

If you are HER or HIM who might in the future be interested to join the House of Textile Arts incl. the International School for Textile Arts, further training units are necessary. This can be discussed if interested.

You can find more information about us  here .


If you are interested, please send us a short email using the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.