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House of Textile Arts was founded in 1995 by Bärbel Ingeborg Zimber (BIZ) as a textile meeting place for all those who like to use their creativity to work with textile materials in old and new techniques. Embroidery is our passion and yet our view always goes beyond the traditional and into contact with other textile crafts.

House of Textile Arts - a great combination of material variety, courses and cheerful embroidery rounds. 
The worldwide unique Painters Threads - Yarns, fabrics, braids, Tüdelkram. Everything lovingly hand-dyed by the boss herself. The joy of colours is her lifeblood.
The International School for Textile Artswhich inspires people from all over the world with its distance learning and local course offerings. Learn embroidery from scratch with a lot of fun and with a lot of sense for modern interpretations. 
Through our cooperation with the German Stick Guild e. V. open up in many regions of Germany further doors for loose textile venues of all stick crazies .  

Material of high quality, good service and professional competence are a matter of course for our team.

Our textile meeting place offers all this in one place, whether online or local.

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