Textile Studio

  1. You always wanted to try textile design (focus on hand embroidery). But you don’t have the options:
  • place
  • tools
  • different, also unusual materials
  • a large library where you can generate ideas
  • etc

You are also interested in areas such as

  • trimmings
  • easy hand-guided machine embroidery
  • Needle Felting
  • handmade silk paper
  • Beadwork
  • etc

You can find all of this in the House of Textile Arts. Together with you, we would like to fill our textile studio with even more life and give you the opportunity to find the right path to textile design for you.


Try it out until you find the right one for you - that's our offer to you:

  • stand by with advice
  • show materials and how they can be used
  • show important books
  • name techniques and explain how best to get to know them
  • If you wish, we can also give you tips on how to use your work commercially.

This does not include a workshop or class, you work on your own initiative using our studio and the tools we provide such as needles, embroidery frames, marudai, smocking machine, embellisher. We can provide you with material to try out from our spares box.

Sounds good to you? OK – here is our offer in detail:

  • The offer is limited to 3 months (extension by agreement)
  • Use of the studio is free of charge.
  • The use of our (very extensive) leftovers box and the studio materials are free of charge for projects that are created as part of the textile studio. Materials from the sale range or for other projects must be purchased.

In return we expect from you

  • we are allowed to photograph the work you have created
  • we are allowed to use these for publication in printed and digital form
  • Willingness to present your work in short video sequences from time to time, which we may also use for our publications
  • to make your work available for presentation at events upon request.
You can find more information about us  here .
Part of our textile studio

If you are interested, please send us a short email using the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.