Painters Threads

Quality and diversity. In that exact order.

Painters Threads Glory bring a splash of colour and sparkle,
Painters Threads Pastels the peace and quiet you need once in a while.

Once you've worked with it, you won't want anything else!

Hand-dyed threads, fabrics and a some bits and pieces 

inspire needle enthusiasts all over the world. 

Important information for our customers from outside Europe

Due to the current situation of Corona infections, shipping options to countries outside the EU are currently limited. Our logistics partner DHL points out that the delivery time to non-European countries can extend up to 6 weeks.

Learn more about the shipping costs here inform

For customers from the US: you can order directly from threadnuts order!

For customers from Australia/New Zealand: you can contact us directly via The Thread Studio order. Shipping worldwide.

For customers from Southeast Asia: you can contact us directly via Art Sipjasu order.