The special touch for all embroidery work and patchwork . As a decoration for clothing and accessories, for greeting cards, tassels and much more.

  • Cotton Tape

    Cotton Tape (40)

    Cotton Tape Has a width of 16mm and can be used for many techniques. Embroidered or unembroidered, it always makes a good impression! Piping, decorative sewn Trellis, folded blossoms, mini kanzashi blossoms or ruffled to form dahlia blossoms - there are no limits to your imagination.
  • RicRac

    RicRac (40)

    RicRac Funny hand-dyed ryon RicRac with small tips of metallized thread, for patchwork, quilting, embellishing and whatever else you have for ideas of use.
  • Single Loop

    Single Loop (40)

    Single Loop Cord of rayon gimp formed into small loops on one side. Thanks to its curved edge on one side, the trim can be used for decoration.
  • Snail

    Snail (40)

    Snail Strand of rayon gimp formed into spirals. Each spiral is edged with a metalized thread of the same thickness. The spirals are connected by a chain stitch.