Single Silk Threads

Single Silk Threads

They will be processed as they come off the spool. Or several threads of it at once – endless shine and beautiful structures.

  • Silk Whisper

    Silk Whisper (40)

    Silk Whisper A fun yarn made from recycled chiffon. Rustic and fine at the same time. For embroidery, weaving, lace. For ruffles, cords, needle felting and much more.
  • Soie 1003

    Soie 1003 (40)

    Soie 1003 A sewing thread made from spun silk with a strong twist. It is easy to work with by hand and on the sewing machine. The gloss is medium. This thread is particularly popular with needlepoint lacemakers and Stumpwork enthusiasts.
  • Soie 1302 Surfine™

    Soie 1302 Surfine™ (40)

    Soie 1302 Surfine™ Made of spun silk, not quite as tear-resistant as almost all other silk threads. It is mainly used by lace makers, but is also very suitable for petit point embroidery on silk gauze and fine free embroidery. Very daring people work with needlepoint or knit the finest lace scarves.
  • Soie Ovale™

    Soie Ovale™ (40)

    Soie Ovale™ The “base” silk, meaning neither spun nor twisted. It is relatively rough and therefore sticks well to any base fabric. For experienced people it can also be used for lace making and weaving. For problems with rough hands that the material tends to get stuck on: put a drop of non-greasy hand cream in the palm of your…