Silk Threads

Silk Threads

Soie d’Alger®, Soie de Paris™, Soie Americain and many more silk threads – shiny names. Pearl threads, strandable threads, filaments or material for special effects – great ways to put your projects in the spotlight.

  • Silk Pearls

    Silk Pearls (120)

    Silk Pearls Heavily twisted silk threads that have a beautiful structure and a great shine. Suitable for all embroidery techniques, lace making, weaving, braiding and much more
  • Single Silk Threads

    Single Silk Threads (160)

    Single Silk Threads They will be processed as they come off the spool. Or several threads of it at once - endless shine and beautiful structures.
  • Strandable Silk Threads

    Strandable Silk Threads (80)

    Strandable Silk Threads Consist of only slightly twisted individual threads. The individual threads can be separated without any problems and processed individually or multiple times. When working with several threads, it is advisable to use a laying instrument.