The most important tool for anyone who wants to decorate a textile surface with a thread. The diversity of needles is quite large and requires some knowledge when choosing. We’ll help you get started.

  • Beading Needles

    Beading Needles (3)

    Beading Needles Beads are great as focal points on many textile objects, but also as the only stylistic device for counted, woven, knitted or crocheted projects, for example. There are a variety of different beading needles for this purpose. The very fine, short beading needles are particularly interesting for hand embroiderers.
  • Needles with blunt point

    Needles with blunt point (9)

    Needles with blunt point For embroidery work on even-weaves, i.e. a surface on which fabric threads are counted. Like canvas, even-weave linen, Aida, etc... Tapestry needles, weaving needles, beading needles - the applications are diverse. Choosing the right needle is a prerequisite for a perfectly successful project.
  • Needles with sharp point

    Needles with sharp point (11)

    Needles with sharp point For embroidery work on plain-weaves, i.e. a background that is no longer counted. Such as Nessel, silk, etc. Sewing needles, quilting needles, darning needles and beading needles.
  • Special Needles

    Special Needles (5)

    Special Needles Here you will find many needles and other tools for special situations. Sewing boxes, repairing embroidery work, needles needed for ribbon embroidery. Here you will find -almost- everything that simply belongs in a good textile work box.