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Needles are the most important tool for textile artists for successful projects. The diversity of needles is quite large and requires some knowledge in the selection. We will help you to get started.

Every technique has its own requirements for needles. The variety of available needles is therefore justified - there is a lot to learn for every needle worker. This is made possible, for example, by the courses of the International School for Textile Artswhich also always address the selection criteria for needles.

The following always applies: every needle has its expiration date! In the past, needles were a luxury item, hard to come by and expensive to pay for. One had aids to sharpen needles and to make them altogether more "runnable" again: emery pads. Today, these emery pads are more expensive than many, many new needles. So treat yourself to new needles every now and then, especially if you do a lot of work on canvas, i.e. uncountable ground fabric. This will save your hand muscles and your nerves!

Our needles come from the best manufacturers in the world. This high quality guarantees that your working threads are protected and no roughened thread disturbs the embroidery or sewing image.

You can find more information about needles in our category Good to Know.

Here you will find almost all needles necessary for embroidery and a few special features