Internship (without payment)

Have you ever thought about finding a new professional challenge and becoming self-employed? In an area that is far away from any overcrowded trends? Would you like to experience in practice how self-employment works in a small company?

Then you’ve come to the right place: The House of Textile Arts is the producer of Painters Threads – these are hand-dyed textile materials such as thread , fabrics and a bit of other bits ‘n pieces. They are made for use in almost any textile techniques. For this we have developed a very special type of hand dyeing, which is unique in the field of embroidery threads. We have created a niche for ourselves that has paved the way for successful self-employment.

House of Textile Arts was founded in 1995, Painters Threads has been around since 2000. They are now popular all over the world. The main sales area is in the USA, South Korea and Australia, the rest of the world is of course also supplied.

Only the raw material is supplied, everything else is done by hand using a few mechanical machines.

  • Prepare materials for dyeing
  • dyeing
  • manufacturing on spools
  • labeling

Of course, this very manual work also includes everything else that has to be done in a small business as well as in a huge company:

  • purchasing
  • Import/Export
  • calculation
  • sale
  • accounting
  • maintenance of website/online shop/social media accounts
  • trade fair participation etc.

It is precisely this diversity that makes our work so interesting and exciting every day.

Does that sound like something you’d like to get a taste of? Then with a special internship (3 months, without payment) we offer you insights into the know-how of self-employment in a company where satisfaction with what you do is more important than big profits. The only thing we don’t pass on in this internship is our little secret of the special dyeing technique.

The offer is open to anyone who would like to feel what self-employment is all about. And who knows? – We are no longer the youngest ones and would like what we have successfully built up to be able to pass into younger hands. This requires a lot of courage on both sides, passion and, above all, a lot of training time. Perhaps among the hopefully numerous interns we will find HER or HIM who say: THIS IS MINE!

You can find more information about us here .

If you are interested, please send us a short email using the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.