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A Very Special ART
of Designing with Needle and Thread

The artisanship of needlework is, like all old crafts, something very special. Each needlework technique has its own laws. 
Cotton thread becomes an expression of a variety of structures, silk a shining center, wool a fleecy memory of childhood. Flystitch, Multiplaid Herringbone and sStem Stich have a date with Cross Stitch and Drawn Thread Borders. Even weave linen fabric with solid cotton fabric. 
Finally, they dance together a fast-paced waltz, which unites all parts into a work of art.

The Fascination of Needlework

ISTA stands equally for tradition and contemporary textile design with needle and thread. For beginners and advanced.

Our Philosophy

Do not forget the old
just keep redesigning it

Modern needlework is always a combination of traditional, perfectly mastered technique and modern variations.

We do not promise you that you will learn professional needlework in a few weeks. Our goal is to show you textile design, especially needlework, so that you know exactly why something is worked in which way. This is the basis for unique designs and excellent rsults. For this reason, we are not primarily concerned with finished objects, but with techniques.
The seminars mainly work with the diverse materials of the Painters Threads Collection.

Learning and having fun
in the ISTA Studio
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Success is not final,
Failure is not fatal,
It is the courage to continue, that counts!

Winston Churchill (freely translated by BIZ)

Learning with us is fun!

You have always dreamed of learning more about the great artisanship of needlework

You do not just want to rework, but you also want to learn how to develop your own designs

You love the possibilities that modern materials and great colors offer

You love textile design and want to deepen your craft skills

You just love to stitch!

Your search is over

Master needleworker
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Correspondence courses

Learning when and where you want! We offer you correspondence courses of varying intensity. All courses are suitable for beginners, "returnees" and advanced students alike and can be taken independently of each other. 
Extensive documentation with step-by-step illustrations, expert instructions on all important needlework techniques and information on tools and materials. 
For all courses, a certificate of attendance, an assessment and a certificate will be issued upon fulfillment of the requirements. 
And who knows, maybe you will also find time to exchange ideas at one of our local seminars and meetings and to supplement your knowledge with additional practical experience.

Local Courses

In our Open Studio you can get help and advice on all needelwork projects that you want to work on. And additional practical help if you should not be able to cope so well with a topic from a distance learning course. You can choose the days as part of our offer, minimum booking 2 days.
Here you can also exchange ideas with others and build your own network of embroidery enthusiasts.
We will soon be offering local long-term seminars again. All courses are suitable for beginners, “re-entrants” and advanced learners alike and can be taken independently of one another. Comprehensive documents with step-by-step pictures, competent instructions on all important embroidery techniques and information on tools and materials. A certificate of attendance, an assessment and a certificate will be issued for all courses if the requirements are met. 
Master Needle Artisan
Sampler lesson 2
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On our own behalf - WE are looking for YOU

You love textile design and do not consider needlework to be an indispensable relic from great-grandmother's times. You can imagine becoming independent in this area. You know that in a small business everyone has to be able to do everything, including commercial knowledge, marketing, web design, computer skills and much more, and that doesn't scare you. You are not tied to a specific location and also a little bit keen to travel. Passion burns so strongly in you that the whole problem that self employment in this area means elicits an “I want and can do it”? Then click the button. Perhaps you will find right here what you have been looking for. 

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