Textile Studio
The days for individualists

Textile Studio - with the kind permission of our students

Stitch with professional help
and exchange

In a cheerful round with other "textile enthusiasts" you can

  • continue to work on projects already started
  • plan and start a new project
  • try out new techniques
  • rummage in books
  • experiment with the unknown
  • receive practical support for your projects from one of our popular correspondence classes

 We love the variety of possibilities and are happy to share them with you.

These days are also the days of attendance for our local long-term courses "Master Needle Artisan" and the Meisterklasse.

In the workshop you have a wide range of tools at your disposal

  • Needles
  • Auxiliary instruments
  • braiding chairs
  • Smocking machine
  • Knitting machine
  • Sewing machine
  • Embellisher
  • stencil cutter
  • threads and fabrics from the workshop's stock
  • and much more besides
  • and of course books, books, books

 Slat frames can be used on loan, but they cannot be taken home.

Of course you can also explore the material and color variety of the Painters Threads personally on these days instead of just looking at them on the net.

A coffee machine provides for the physical well-being, tea and water for the necessary liquid, so that the muscles do not cramp. WiFi and a Desktop are also available.

For a small fee we can pick you up at the main station in Passau.

The textile studio is suitable for: Beginners, re-starters, Sunday stitchers, needlework manicas and all those who cannot keep their fingers off the needle and thread and who enjoy doing so every day. So for all those who like to work with needle and thread, who are as fascinated by the whole range of needlework as we are and who are or would like to become part of the big world family of happy needleworkers.


  • Needlework
    • all techniques
      • incl. metal and beadwork
      • ribbon work
  • needlepoint lace
  • Passamenterie
    • hand-stitched boxes
    • Tassels
    • Cord
    • braiding with the Marudai
  • Needle Felting
  • Patchwork
    • simple forms
  • appliqué
  • Knitting
    • manually
    • manual knitting machine
  • Crochet
    • regular
    • Lucette
    • hairpin
  • simple machine embroidery
  • Mounting
    • Embroidery frame
    • pictures

Lesson time first day of a block: 13:00 – 18:00h

General teaching time

  • 10:00h - 12:30h
  • 13:30h - 16:00h

Lesson time last day of a block:  09:00 – 14:00h


Workshop opening: 09:00 – 18h

The available dates can be found at the bottom of our calendar and on the registration form.

Embroidery frame:  if applicable

Embroidery scissors with narrow tip

Picture result für embroidery scissors

Miscellaneous: if you need a magnifying glass, please bring it along

Study days: 
  • 80€ per day
  • Minimum booking: 2 days in a block
  • Single days only by special agreement
All fees include the legal value added tax.

A personal matter - WE are looking for YOU

You love textile design and do not consider needlework to be a dispensable relic from great-grandmother's time. You can imagine to become an entrepeneur in this field. You know that in a small business everybody has to be able to do everything, including business knowledge, marketing, web design, computer skills and much more. You are not tied to a certain place and you like to travel. Your passion burns so strongly in you that the whole problem, which an entrepeneurship in this area brings with itself, elicits an "I want and I can do this" from you? Then click on the button. Maybe you will find here just what you have always been looking for.