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Needleworking like a Master on Weekends

We will impart to you the extensive knowledge of a worldwide popular artisanship and accompany you on the way to your own idea. It is a winding road that does not lead to material wealth. The joy of hand-work, the knowledge to make a very important contribution to the mental health of the world - the joy that arises from it, outweighs all the privations!

The focus of our Meisterklasse is to deepen the knowledge gained from one of the courses listed below, to combine needlework techniques, to use "unusual" materials and to put what has been learned into practice. On the one hand given motifs and on the other hand given themes are used.

Prerequisite for participation in this seminar is the successful completion of

  • Master Needle Worker 
  • Master Needle Artisan (correspondence course)
  • Master Needle Artisan (local course)
  • other participants on request

Use it as a preparation for developing your own courses, for creating a design folder, as a preparation for studies or the practical part of the journeyman's examination for the profession of Designing Crafts WoMan / subject needlework 

or: just have fun!

    • Semester one: Canvaswork
      • Classic stitches
      • shaded Tent Stitch
      • experimental work
    • Semester 2: Surface Embroidery
      • Classic stitches
      • Appliqué
      • Smoken
      • experimental work
    • Semester 3: Working on even-weave linen
      • Classic stitches
      • Casalguidi
      • lace techniques
      • experimental work
    • Semester 4: The third dimension
      • Stumpwork
      • Needle lace and needle weaving
      • Boxmaking
    • Semester 5: fine embroideries
      • Shadow appliqué
      • shaded Blackwork
    • Semester 6: Surface Shading
      • soft shading
      • Tapestry Shading
    • Semester 7: Posamenterie
      • Tassels
      • Cords
      • Cushion
    • Semester 8: Final Thesis
      • Own design according to theme

Standard term: 4 years

Completion/care duration: 4.5 years

Compulsory attendance days:

  • Introduction (2 days / fixed date)
  • 12 days per semester (freely selectable from the dates of the textile studio)
  • further course days can be booked in addition

average required working time at home per week:
15 - 20 hours

Start date: September

Language of the seminar documentation/instruction: optionally German or English

Tutoring for work at home: by email
You can contact us at any time, we will answer as soon as possible. The best way is to attach a photo in a good resolution (front and back) to your question, then we can help even better.

Termination Option: 4 weeks at the end of a semester

Embroidery frame:

  • 45cm Easy Frame (2)
  • 75cm professional slat frame

Source of supply in Germany: Hof Erdenlicht / Tobias Dübler

Embroidery scissors with narrow tip

Picture result für embroidery scissors
Miscellaneous: well-lit workplace

Registration fee:  100€ (not refundable)

Seminar fee:
The fee is due in monthly instalments. 

  • monthly rate (48x): 195€
    • Total fee: 9360€

Termination options 

  • 12 weeks to the end of a semester

Included in the fees:

  • Support on the seminar days 
  • Consumables for the exercises during the practice days
  • E-mail support for your work at home
  • Certificates
  • Certificate
Material costs per semester: approx. 400€

Project examples
with the kind permission of our participants

A personal matter - WE are looking for YOU

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