Good to Know

On these pages we would like to show you everything that seems important to us about needlework and everything related to it. 

The right knowledge will help you to transform your own ideas into needlework projects and other textile techniques and to have even more fun with your projects. We will continuously work on this page until we think, well, enough is enough ... but we will surely come up with something again and again!

If you still want to know more ... no problem! As soon as the little beast called Corona finally retires to nowhere, you can find out more in the Regional Groups of the German Embroiderer's Guild together with other needlework enthusiasts. Or book local classes at the International School for Textile Arts local courses. The correspondence classes of the ISTA can of course be booked "virus-free" at any time.

We are happy to answer simple questions via email or at one of the events we participate in ... if they are allowed to take place again.