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On Our Own Behalf

WE are looking for YOU!

Since 1995 House of Textile Arts, International School for Textile Arts and Painters Threads.  

Time does not make us younger either and we have decided that we no longer want to write the new chapters of this success story alone. The current Corona crisis is a bitter blow to all of our lives and yet it is perhaps also an opportunity for people who are looking for new challenges, either voluntarily or because their job is no longer there. We offer YOU the opportunity to walk on your new way together with us and later on to continue to lead this successful and versatile company.  

The fields of work in the House of Textile Arts are diverse, as is the case in most smaller companies. Everybody has to be able to do everything and it takes quite a long time until everything is internalized in such a way that the company can continue successfully. So now it is time to start looking for a successor! 

What we do

Painters Threads

Manufacture and distribution of hand-dyed textile products
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International School of Textile Arts

Local seminars and distance learning courses
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The Job description - short version for the Painters Threads area looks pretty clear

  • Production: preparation, dyeing, finishing
  • Merchandise management: ordering supplies, warehousing, accounting, preparatory bookkeeping. We afford the tax consultant externally!
  • Online shop: maintenance, order processing

The Job description - long version shows the diversity of your new area of ​​responsibility. You don't need to be perfect in the following, but you need to be ready to learn it. We will of course help you to familiarize yourself with areas that you have not yet heard of.

  • Office applications (Excel, Word, Outlook, OneDrive)
  • Graphics software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • WordPress including Woocommerce
  • social media and marketing
    • currently our weakest point
  • Customs clearance
  • Accounting basics
  • English language skills
    • Our main sales area is outside of Europe
  • Driver's license
    • important because of our somewhat "non-central" location without any notable public transport

A few impressions of our work

Does it all sound like the job you always wanted? Can you imagine starting with us as a partner (GBR) and later taking over the company? Then just have a look and see if you would like to contribute what is required

  • a lot of enthusiasm for everything textile and especially hand embroidery
  • Willingness to work hard and a lot
    • this also includes physical work in production
    • With us, self-employment means really doing everything ourselves and constantly!
  • Openness to the often unconventional circumstances in small businesses
  • Willingness to be on the road every now and then
    • Fairs and exhibitions
    • hopefully soon more Erasmus projects on lifelong learning
It doesn't matter where you continue to run the business after the takeover, it can be anywhere in the world. For the time of the joint company management, however, you should be ready to move the center of your life to the beautiful Bavarian Forest.
We offer:
  • Test phase to get a taste
  • Entry into the company on fair terms
  • Endless patience when familiarizing yourself with the profession
  • We are well stocked with
    • Desktops
    • small machines that make work a little easier
    • Software
      • Office 365
      • Adobe creative cloud
      • Online ERP system

If you also want to join the school area, it is necessary to complete an internal training. If interested, this can be discussed. This would of course be the ideal solution: the two areas of the House of Textile Arts complement each other to form a successful whole.

The pleasure of change is inherent in people.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 - 1799), German physicist and master of aphorism

We look forward to your mail for the first contact