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Textile Art Berlin
Ortenau textile days
1100 years Limburg
Heisse Nadel Frankfurt-Bornheim
Embroidery and Fashion, Harrogate (UK)
Creativa Dortmund
Nadelwelt Friedrichshafen

On the road for needlework ...

Whether as a House of Textile Arts, International School for Textile Arts or Deutsche Stickgilde e. V. - We are always “on the roll”, just like the old craftsmen.

Traveling we help that the great artisanship of needlework will never be forgotten. Even though it is sometimes difficult to counteract the many prejudices and the eternal "my grandma did that too ...", we can do it!

On this page you will find events where you can meet one or the other of us and personally ask holes in your stomach. If we can inspire you so much that you want to join us in one way or another: then the whole effort was worth it!

We look forward to seeing you!

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On our own behalf - WE are looking for YOU

You love textile design and do not consider needlework to be an indispensable relic from great-grandmother's times. You can imagine becoming independent in this area. You know that in a small business everyone has to be able to do everything, including commercial knowledge, marketing, web design, computer skills and much more, and that doesn't scare you. You are not tied to a specific location and also a little bit keen to travel. Passion burns so strongly in you that the whole problem that self employment in this area means elicits an “I want and can do it”? Then click the button. Perhaps you will find right here what you have been looking for.