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Pick up the thread
and follow us!

Like Marliese (DE) - the creator of our entrance picture - gladiolas in canvas work - shaded tent stitch and felt work

Stitching with the Deutsche Stickgilde

It's more than a needle up and down

It's the dance of the needle and the thread. Passion and fire.

An explosion of colours and dreams in pastel.

Deceleration and immersion in a world of its own.

Pure sensual pleasure!

The very special kind of artisanship

...count, overcast, zigzag, cut, sew, couch, cross-over, wrap
put on, intertwine, underlay, pull through, pile up, wire, tension, wrap, ...

... chenille needle, curved needle, embroidery needle, tapestry needle, couronne stick, awl,
Stiletto, mellor, pliers, nails...

...tingling, concealing, compensating, shading, mounting,
tensioning, damping, veiling, winding...

...that sounds exciting?
- it is! and much more

What makes our guild

Our guild is small but fine. It lives, like every guild, from what its members can do. If we are asked what the German Embroiderer's Guild offers to women/men, we have a funny answer:

You won't get anything from us...
with us you have to do something!
Stitch with joy!

Realizing ideas, developing your own creativity, participating in the preservation of one of the oldest crafts of mankind: Designing with textile materials. Together we accept the challenge of promoting the new profession of Designing Crafst WoMan. To actively contribute to our main goal: to inspire many people for needlework in all its diversity!

Of course you will get something... profit from the competence of many people who meet and exchange ideas in the German Embroiderer's Guild! With us you can find out everything you always wanted to know about needlework!

An association lives through its members

Stitch Ups - Workshops - vocational training - Learning

stitch together - information

regional exhibitions - international meetings

above all: to bring a beautiful craft into visibility!

In Germany and Switzerland we already have several lively meeting places
where our members have a lot to offer you!

Since the foundation of the German Embroiderer's Guild, we have been committed to ensuring that the artisanship of embroidery in all its diversity is not forgotten. We present our small guild at fairs and exhibitions and are always looking forward to visitors and participants in the small workshops we offer on these occasions.

In the next few years we would like to expand our workshop offer and extend our website to an information portal "Everything about embroidery". A small collection of stitch samples with suggestions, which is available to members in pictorial form, is also currently under construction. 

Our industrious little bees, who do all this work on a voluntary basis, are happy about every additional member in our beehive. The more we are, the more events we can attend and the sooner this wonderful, always modern artisanship will start to live properly again.


just as gladly we are international
Soon you will find information about our EU projects here

Erasmus+ - Projects

Every year, the EU invites applications to participate in lifelong learning projects. In the past 13 years, we have been able to participate in one of these projects three times. At that time, these programmes were called Grundtvig and Leonardo, but today they are all united under the Erasmus+ scheme. We always work very closely with the International School for Textile Arts together.

These projects are primarily about getting to know other EU countries and their culture. For this purpose, one usually travels to all participating partner countries (at least 4) and is once a host for the participants from these countries. We met a lot of great people, visited historical sites and learned a lot about the conditions under which NGOs ("non-governmental organisations", that's what we as a guild are) work in other countries.

Of course, a result must always be achieved, and there are different starting points for this. The picture above, our most ambitious project so far, shows the "somewhat different map of Germany", which was created during our first Grundtvig project in the course of 2 years. It is a cooperation of members of the German Embroidery Guild and students* of ISTA. It consists of 5 panels (each 1×2.50m), which show different prominent points in Germany. The background was designed with free textile techniques. It was a lot of fun!

This year we have made ourselves available as coordinator for the "FemPower" project. Our partners from Poland, Turkey, Italy and Spain hope as much as we do that our project will be accepted. 

Do you want to be part of the project? You can do that without being a member of the guild. Write us an email and we will contact you as soon as we know if the project will take place.

For more information
and interest to participate in a project - write us!
click here

A personal matter - WE are looking for YOU

You love textile design and do not consider needlework to be a dispensable relic from great-grandmother's time. You can imagine to become an entrepeneur in this field. You know that in a small business everybody has to be able to do everything, including business knowledge, marketing, web design, computer skills and much more. You are not tied to a certain place and you like to travel. Your passion burns so strongly in you that the whole problem, which an entrepeneurship in this area brings with itself, elicits an "I want and I can do this" from you? Then click on the button. Maybe you will find here just what you have always been looking for.